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IP - Ignicion Games - Platform - Concept Art


EARTH RESISTANCE is an Ignicion Games' IP.  This project aims to reach a casual and active public, where the mean idea is to share the experience of playing with a high graphic action and additional legend featured content; to be taken as a transmedia project.  We offer the experience of playing a tower defense game mode where you will be able to set your own arsenal and explore the game in a OTS mode in search of hidden artifacts, weapons and unexpected events.


An unceasing search to find thinking beings like humans in the universe is done. At some point of our existence, information about us was sent to the outer space, with the sole intent to stablish contact with any kind of intelligent life out there. They have finally found us, but their intentions are not precisely friendly. A kind of intelligent life similar to larva has been sent, with the capacity to terraform the planet and thus wipe out all human existence before their arrival. For some reason, these creatures are attracted to loud sounds they detect. In a small village, a group of people realize about this and start not only to fight them back, but to hunt them.

This group made up by mercenaries, hunters and even peasants want to face these invaders and have created a route of towns to start the annihilation of these hordes of things. The only chance they to fight them is by using different and special weapons and traps.


Genre: Tower defense / OTS game mode 
Target / Audience: +12, multiethnic characters, aimed to a global public in four different language versions (English/Mandarin/Portuguese/Spanish)
Demo language: English


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