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A community of animals protect the source of the magical water that sprouts from the sacred highlands. They constantly fight against the sorcerer who represents the forest´s evil spirit, who´s capable of unspeakable things to take possession of the sacred highlands, and thus, open the bidimensional portal that will allow him to take control of the whole forest.

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5 thematic scenarios related to pollution in the world. Plastics, radioactivity, electronic waste, gases and rust make part of each level you must complete defeating all the golems and minions sent by Kuanchi.

Power Ups!

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Power Ups!

There are more than 15 extra abilities in a fun inventory store. You can hit harder, run faster, and do even more damage, among other additional abilities. In the store, you can also buy coin packs and augment your XP in the game.




3 characters to play! Osun, Kato, and Mongo are some of the options the player has to face the adventure and free the forest.


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